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Dear Mr. König

Postkarte an Kasper König Portikus --- 1998-06-koenig-c.tif

Postkarte an Kasper König zur Aktion "Wir wissen, wer Sie sind", im multi.trudi Kunstraum am 29.8. 1998

Kasper König
Schöne Aussicht 2
60311 Frankfurt

Stockholm, 24.8. 1998

Dear Mr. König,

we are two Swedish rappers. We know you very well. In 1990 you called us "Bad Artists". We don't forget you this! As a revenge we'll flood your place with 1000 nasty Swedish cockroaches. this will start form molti.trody, Franziusstr. 20, Sat., 29.8., 22:00. We also have an eye on your assistaint Waltvokel. We'll dream bad teeth and bad breath. This is our last warning. Be careful!

Leif Molti / Trody Liljenberg


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