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Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Einträge zum Thema Kunst im öffentlichen Raum.

Pavillon - New space by Dirk Paschke

Pavillon am Main Kunstort von Dirk Paschke 2003

Dirk Paschke hat einen neuen Raum geschaffen. Unterhalb der Flößerbrücke. Der von der letzten Manifesta 4 stehn gebliebene Pavillon.


Bildinstallation im Stadtraum von Cornelia Heier. Mai 2002

A walking course organised by artist Cornelia Heier visiting selected installations by her in public city space of Frankfurt - all around Zeil shopping street, 13.5. 2002


Hafenbad von Dirk Paschke in der Daimlerstrasse 1996

A full functional outdoor swimming pool for just one summer. Again the work of Dirk Paschke (and Daniel Milohnic). His next major contribution since Gartners and the Hafenbar (situated on the same venue). As the place belongs to the sculpture departement of the local artschool (Städelschule), Dirk Paschke was able to use it while being a student there. The swimming pool, actually a sculpture, turned out to become very popular; maybe one reason that the artschool administration turned down its operation after one summer on reasons of improper insurance.

This project is no more in operation.
The place itself may still exist.