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Galerie Morgen

Galerie Morgen. März 2002
29.3. 2002

Multifunctional artspace.

An interesting project. Founded in 1998. A blue cube with three floors. The second containing the living quarter of the owner, the first his joiner's workshop, and in the basement the exhibition space for the furniture combined with changing art environments.

In The Shadows Economy
In Frankfurt's smoke-stack-industry east, off the dominant financial citadel of the Frankfurt bank district, new places and new place-making strategies of New Entrepreneurs come to the fore. They are not easily seen, exist erratically and are only known to a small group of insiders. Their living in the shadows is a strategy: the actors wage a (survival) policy of hiding.


Mayfahrtstr. 27
60314 Frankfurt
Phone (+49) 069-43 05 87
Map: 50.110110, 8.711080
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